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The Aim Of The Trust...


The aim of the Trust is to generate funds and activities to enable young people to participate in life-building activities and contribute to the local community. We also accept donations in the form of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc., Even if you are unaware of crypto and its trading methods, automated trading robots can help in trading stocks and CFDs. If you are an expert trader, you can trade by yourself manually too. Profit secret is one such trading robot which provides both automated and manual trading. You can find the profitability levels using the profit secret test results provided based on the user experiences.

Raising funds through sports betting is a common phenomenon these days. It is called charitable gambling which is a type of incentivized giving. Here, a charity oversees gambling activities like lottery, Bingo, or roulette and then uses the money from these for charity.

In the US, almost $100-$300 billion is spent annually on illegal sports gambling. Instead, provisions can be made to raise money through legalized sports betting. You can check the Georgia sports betting sites list to choose a reputable site. Charitable gambling includes cash prizes, games, etc for a noble cause. Non-profit organizations have always created innovative fundraising strategies but they are often not aware of the limitations when these involve games of chance. Moreover, in many regions where it is not legal, criminal charges and penalties may be imposed. Now there are many sportsbooks and online casino operators that are trying to give back to society. This has become a way of meeting their corporate social responsibilities.

Such gambling operators are offering sports betting options to donate huge amounts to charitable causes. For instance, the GoodBookey app, that is available on both iOS and Android devices, allow you to choose events like the MLB, NBA, and NHL matches. Every bettor can select a team and place a bet; he can then choose a charity he wants to contribute to. Sports betting therefore make it easy to give to noble causes while having fun and being entertained.

Georgia's life included being head girl at Ercall Wood Technology College, a member of the student council at New College Telford, part of the matchday safety team at AFC Telford United and as a Cadet Corporal with 1130 Squadron, Air Cadets. 

“We chose Free Your Spirit – Join In because it totally sums up Georgia, her energy and her enjoyment of life – it really is the perfect strap-line for the charitable trust in her name.”

Steve Williams, Georgia’s father