Georgia suddenly and unexpectedly lost her life at the end of May 2013 and her spirit has touched not just her own community but people all over the world. Georgia’s family want to keep her spirit alive by continuing to refer to her in the present tense and we are passionate about honouring that.

This is Georgia's story.

Georgia Williams is a shining star. She is a role model that inspires her family, her community, her friends and people all over the world. She is also a normal teenage girl doing normal teenage girl things – with her friends and in the community in which she so loves to play an active part.

17 year old Georgia’s life is full of activity and includes being Head Girl at Ercall Wood Technology College, a member of the student council at New College, a corporal with the 1130 Wrekin Squadron Air Training Corps and a volunteer member of AFC Telford United’s Match Day Safety team.

Described by her dad Steve as a “gorgeous tomboy”, Georgia loves being outdoors and being active and wanted to join the Royal Air Force as a medic.

Georgia touches the life of everyone she meets and is the first to volunteer to help out. It’s no accident that The Georgia Williams Trust’s motto is Free Your Spirit – Join In. This was devised by her family and truly reflects the adventurous, outgoing attitude with which Georgia lives her life. The Trust’s official logo, the ferret, was chosen because Georgia was known as “Ferret” among her friends in Wellington.

She is bubbly, boisterous and lively and what you saw was very much what you got. She brings sunshine and laughter into the life of everyone she met and always wanted the people she met to be happy.

Her older sister Scarlett, aged 22, said: “Georgia is a beautiful person inside and out and one of the kindest people I know. She just wants people to be happy.”

Her work as head girl at Ercall Wood Technology College included being the lead on the college’s “Build A Plane” project. Her small, capable hands were invaluable in reaching into tight areas of the plane – drilling holes, tightening screws, always involved, always working, always laughing.

Georgia plays a very active role in the life of her local football club, AFC Telford United. She is a volunteer member of the club’s match day safety team at the New Buck’s Head and sells 50/50 half time draw tickets. “She can charm the £1 for a ticket out of our fans everytime,” says a club official.

Stadium announcer, Phil, has fond memories of the moment the goal went in that earned AFC Telford United promotion to the Blue Square Premier in 2011. “You can hear the clonk on the microphone during my commentary immediately afterwards – Georgia and the club mascot Bobby Buck leapt on me while I was describing the goal,” he says.

The AFC Telford United fans have created a banner with a picture of Georgia to display at games this season, complete with the legend “Georgia Williams – One Of Our Own.”

Georgia loves music and has what her mum Lynnette describes as a very eclectic taste and she is very adept at choosing music to suit certain situations. She was a regular at the Haygate pub in Wellington where she loved to watch local bands like Invisible Snow. Money has been raised for The Georgia Williams Trust by some of those bands.

Georgia met her boyfriend Matthew Bird on a bus home from Telford Town Centre. Mum Lynnette says: “Although she was a tomboy she was a bit girly and giggly with him. She was very impressed that he sent her roses and she pressed one to keep it. I think he was a bit special for her.”

The aim of The Georgia Williams Trust is to get other young people believing they can do the same things that Georgia did, enabling them to have access to adventurous, outdoor activities and encouraging them to volunteer.

As her dad Steve says: “We want young people to be able to do all the things that Georgia did. Don’t sit at home or hang round street corners. Get out and fly a plane, canoe down the river, go up the Wrekin. We want to use the Trust fund to get that spirit going and keep it going, she’d love that.”

Some of Georgia’s favourite music

Georgia’s taste included classical, Michael Buble, Country and Western and songs from the shows and…

Bon Jovi - Livin On A Prayer

Pink - Just Give Me A Reason

Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

The Georgia Williams Trust Registered charity number 1153519